A few common questions I get asked.  Anything else you need, just contact me!

My name is Zachary Ellison, and you can find my Upwork Profile here to see my top rating Plus Status.

I work in development as well as run a Local SEO agency.  I love learning about both worlds and keeping myself busy. 

When not working I am either traveling, camping, hiking or reading.  

I get a lot of requests to take on projects but can only take on a few at a time.  Therefore, I tend to take projects that are 20 plus hours a week of work.  I work 60 hours or so a week max.  Contact me and see if I am available!

I usually ask to be paid weekly when working on long term projects. However, I accept bi weekly payments as well.  For WordPress websites I ask for half upfront and final half upon successful completion of project.  

I do not accept PayPal payments.  

Matters on the project, length of service needed and a few other factors.  Typically I do not.

Yes I do!  I have done lots of SEO projects and now own an Agency which has produced fantastic results for clients.  I had always wanted to start up a side business and now it has become a full blown agency.  You can see it by clicking here

I do!  In fact, I will have two.  One for SEO and one for Development.  Will list them here when ready!

I love to travel.  I especially love traveling to Japan and want to buy a cabin there near Nagano when Covid restrictions go away(they will, right?) 

I have two dogs who go camping and hiking with me.

I also love reading and studying all things SEO 🙂

Yes I do!

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