The Mobile market has seen explosive growth over the years and so has the Mobile Phone and Wireless Software development industry. The iOS and Android operating system have established themselves as the leading platforms in the mobile and tablet sector.

The use of smartphones is booming, with millions of applications having being already developed for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablets. Mobile applications are in parallel, becoming a main-stay for businesses as they provide mobility and use anywhere-anytime flexibility to a lot of sectors. Sectors which have seen tremendous growth due to mobile applications include:

  • eCommerce
  • Retail
  • Logistics & Tracking
  • Food & Beverages
  • Gaming
  • Automobiles
  • Field Service
  • Finance
  • Local Business
  • and many more…

Mind Roots Technologies has sound technical expertise in mobile application development for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. Our strength lies in knowing about the trends in mobile application development like new user interface implementations, updates to iOS and Android platforms, latest app trends, how to market mobile apps to generate revenues etc. We focus on your mobile application needs and how it will fit within your existing business before jumping into the development life cycle. Another high priority aspect of our development cycle is the User Interface (UI). We make sure that the mobile application being developed follows the design guidelines set forward by apple and android and that the app makes it easier for the user to use it, rather than complicating the process. We offer the following services in mobile software solutions:

  • iPhone/iPad Application Design & Development
  • Android smartphones & tablet Application Design & Development
  • Application porting from iOS to android and vice versa
  • Application update for new iOS/Android versions or design upgrades
  • Functionality addition or upgradation in existing mobile applications
  • Integrated web applications with iOS, Android, Web components and Web services


Hybrid / Cross platform

Flixibility to host ios and android app code into one application making app development cost effective.


Native code facilitate creative yet powerful iOS and Android applications which can propel a great idea into absolute reality.



80% of the web users out there are using mobile applications more than ever. Powerful handheld devices have acted as a catalyst to produce cutting edge mobile applications.

Feature-rich experience

With each passing year app development platforms are getting better equipped to create more powerful and feature-rich user experience.

Ease of use

The users today are more use to the mobile environment due to it's ease of use. The screen real estate has grown in size which allows more content and action to be packed into the apps.